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Alrighty. Tags have been created and added. If you feel there's a tag missing, let me know, and if I agree, I'll add it. I'm pretty agreeable, and I promise I don't bite, so try me! ~_^ I won't add every single city ever mentioned, as that would just get excessive. But I'm sure there are some bigger cities out there that I'm missing, not being familiar with the countries, or other topics that I haven't thought of, etc. I'm always open to suggestions!

But for now, here is your tag list:

subject: info, subject: itinerary, subject: photos, subject: questions

accommodations: b&bs, accommodations: camping, accommodations: general/other, accommodations: hostels, accommodations: hotels

concerning: backpacking, concerning: bars/clubbing/live music, concerning: budget/how much money, concerning: cell phones, concerning: culture/communication, concerning: currency, concerning: day-trips, concerning: food/restaurants/pubs, concerning: feasibility, concerning: luggage, concerning: museums, concerning: other, concerning: passes (city/museum), concerning: safety, concerning: shopping, concerning: studying abroad/extended stay, concerning: tefl/tesol, concerning: tour groups, concerning: tourist attractions, concerning: trip planning, concerning: visas & passports, concerning: websites [for booking], concerning: websites [for info], concerning: what is it like in x, concerning: what should i do in x, concerning: where should i go (in x)

transit: buses, transit: cars/driving, transit: flying/flights/airports, transit: general/other, transit: how i get from point a to b, transit: metro/trams, transit: trains/rail passes, transit: within city x

location: abkhazia, location: albania, location: andorra, location: armenia, location: austria, location: austria (salzburg), location: austria (vienna), location: azerbaijan, location: belarus, location: belarus (minsk), location: belgium, location: belgium (antwerpen), location: belgium (brugge/bruges), location: belgium (brussels), location: bosnia & herzegovina, location: bosnia & herzegovina (sarajevo), location: bulgaria, location: bulgaria (sofia), location: croatia, location: croatia (zagreb), location: cyprus, location: cyprus (nicosia), location: czech republic, location: czech republic (prague), location: denmark, location: denmark (copenhagen), location: england, location: england (london), location: england (manchester), location: estonia, location: estonia (tallinn), location: finland, location: finland (helsinki), location: france, location: france (marseilles), location: france (paris), location: georgia, location: germany, location: germany (bavaria), location: germany (berlin), location: germany (frankfurt), location: germany (hamburg), location: germany (köln/cologne), location: germany (munich), location: germany (nürnberg/nuremberg), location: gibraltar, location: greece, location: greece (athens), location: greece (greek isles), location: hungary, location: hungary (budapest), location: iceland, location: iceland (reykjavik), location: ireland, location: ireland (dublin), location: isle of man, location: italy, location: italy (cinque terre), location: italy (firenze/florence), location: italy (milan), location: italy (napoli/naples), location: italy (rome), location: italy (tuscany), location: italy (venezia/venice), location: jersey, location: kazakhstan, location: kosovo, location: latvia, location: latvia (riga), location: liechtenstein, location: lithuania, location: lithuania (vilnius), location: luxembourg, location: macedonia, location: malta, location: moldova, location: monaco, location: montenegro, location: netherlands, location: netherlands (amsterdam), location: netherlands (den haag/the hague), location: netherlands (groningen), location: netherlands (rotterdam), location: northern cyprus, location: northern ireland, location: northern ireland (belfast), location: norway, location: norway (bergen), location: norway (oslo), location: poland, location: poland (krakow), location: poland (warsaw), location: portugal, location: portugal (lisbon), location: romania, location: romania (bucharest), location: russia, location: russia (moscow), location: russia (saint petersburg), location: san marino, location: scotland, location: scotland (edinburgh), location: serbia, location: serbia (belgrade), location: slovakia, location: slovakia (bratislava), location: slovenia, location: slovenia (ljubljana), location: south ossetia, location: spain, location: spain (barcelona), location: spain (madrid), location: spain (sevilla), location: sweden, location: sweden (stockholm), location: switzerland, location: switzerland (bern), location: switzerland (geneva), location: switzerland (zurich), location: turkey, location: turkey (ankara), location: turkey (istanbul), location: ukraine, location: ukraine (kiev), location: united kingdom, location: vatican city, location: wales, location: wales (cardiff)

It seems like a lot, but it's pretty straight-forward. You choose the subject of your post (question, info, itinerary, or photos), then you choose one/multiple items that it concerns (any combination of selections from the "accommodations," "transit," and "concerning" groups), and you pick the location(s) you're going. Don't worry, if you get confused/forget, I'll help and/or add them myself. But organized tags are a wonderful way of keeping information sorted an in easy to access manner; everyone who comes around after your post will be happy they can find that info easily! ^^

Regarding the rules
>> Keep posts on topic. This includes not asking questions of a personal nature that will only apply to you.
The point here, is that this comm isn't for classifieds, or a dating service, etc. You are welcome, and encouraged, to ask questions like "where's a good place to meet people (possibly people who speak X language/are from X country as well) and hang out," "I'm moving to X city/country, can you tell me where I should look to find a place to live/a roommate/a place to buy XYZ/etc," and so forth. Those things will help anyone who should be in that area as well. But things like "I'm bored, does anyone want to get together in city X tonight?!," or "I'm moving to city X, are any of you living there and need roommates??" etc, will not be allowed. I'm sure you can understand why the differences between those are important.
<< Please try your best not to ask broad questions. People cannot tell you what you want to see and do. Do your own research first, then come and ask specifics.
The point of this one, is as it says; people cannot tell you what things you should do. Everyone is different and has different interests. I hate Brussels, and I will tell you to avoid it like the plague. But there are people out there who think it's awesome. See why this is important? You need to do your own research. Find out what there is to see & do in the place(s) you're going, and see what sounds interesting to you. Then, come and ask people if they've been to those places, and what they thought of them, what they were like, if there's anywhere else they'd recommend, etc. If you're going to ask broader questions, at least include asking people why they would/wouldn't recommend something, because maybe their reason is the opposite of you, and you'd want to see it/not for the very same reason they feel the opposite way! I might tell you "I loved Budapest because there was so overwhelmingly much to do there, so many museums, places to go, things to see!," while you are looking for a vacation of leisure and shopping, or partying, etc. Ya know? So try to figure out some stuff first, before coming to seek out more detailed info, and make sure you include your interests, so people can give better advice. ^^

I think that's about it... any questions/comments/suggestions, please let me know! ^_^
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