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[ profile] allthingseurope is pictures of europe & not just the usual tourist stuff either.
there's a list of countries & major cities for easier navigation.

found via [ profile] wilwheaton with this picture in the hermitage museum, st. petersburg, which might be in the winter palace. ad point around the wikipedia entry on the winter palace leads me to think that it's the alexander hall.
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Hi gang! I unfortunately don't have any trips to Europe currently planned, but I still think about where I would like to go the next time I'm able to travel. Here is my current "wish list":

UK: Cornwall (never been), Wales (need to see Aber next time), Scotland (one of my favorite countries, so I need to visit it again)

Ireland: need to see western Ireland

France: Paris (last time I was there I didn't spend nearly enough time)

Russia (never been), Norway (never been), Sweden (never been), Finland (never been) -- I know this would be an expensive trip, but worth it!

Greece: it's been ages since I've been there; time to see how it's changed or stayed the same!

Also, I have yet to delve into Eastern Europe, and I would like to do that someday. However I tend to travel alone, and I'm more hesitant about going to Eastern Europe alone. I don't expect it to be less generally safe, but there will probably be more language barriers, and more (or at least, less familiar) cultural differences.

So, there's my current "wish list"! How about you? Where do you want to go next?