Oct. 3rd, 2010 04:15 pm
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i've never been to europe, but would love to go some day.

if you need to go on a budget you should check out a PBS program done by rick steves. they're up on hulu (edit: available only in the U.S.) & he has a site as well. he also has group tours, if that's what your interested in.
he covers places to see, where to stay & how to avoid crowds. he even did a 3 part travel skills special at the end of season one.

he's put out a ton of guide books & this one on how to get around europe if you have limited mobility.

note: a couple of the places he goes to in the series are closed now. like the visitors center at the waterford crystal factory, so do your research before you go.

note to the moderator: i'm not sure how many tags i should put on this since the show covers a lot of places and info. feel free to add any you think are necessary.

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Date: 2010-10-04 08:07 am (UTC)
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Thanks for this, extra info tips are always nice. ^^

Just a tip though, Hulu is only accessible to the US, and I just checked it (to see if maybe they had changed that in the last year or so; they haven't) and in addition, it won't even work on all OSes. Not only do I get a popup about it not being available to me, I get a warning about my flash player (which is quite fine and dandy, in reality) and covering that is a big warning about my OS not being supported. Soooo, it's not really the best place to direct a global group. ~_^ lol. Just try to keep in mind that the audience of DW is world-wide, especially people in travel comms, ^_^ so double-checking that content is accessible to all is always a good step to take. Youtube also blocks a lot of things, if they're been put up by official companies, like CBS, Sony, etc, those are only viewable to the US as well. It's OK to include it for US people, but I'd probably put it more at the end of the post as an addendum kinda thing, like, "And for those in the US, you can check out -this link- to view XYZ (sorry, the site blocks out everywhere else)," or whatever. Copyright laws are a royal pain! But regular websites are good! haha.

Sorry, I don't mean to nitpick your post at all, I love that you're providing tips! I just wanted to make sure you're aware. ^^