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[ profile] allthingseurope is pictures of europe & not just the usual tourist stuff either.
there's a list of countries & major cities for easier navigation.

found via [ profile] wilwheaton with this picture in the hermitage museum, st. petersburg, which might be in the winter palace. ad point around the wikipedia entry on the winter palace leads me to think that it's the alexander hall.


Mar. 30th, 2013 05:32 pm
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they have a big section on europe, which seems to cover just about everything for most of the major countries and cities; money, hotels, things to do & see.
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I live in Israel and will have some time off from work in late August (19th-25th) and would like to visit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who lives in Edinburgh and am traveling on a limited budget (and would also not want to spend my time there completely alone) so I was wondering if maybe someone in this comm new an Edin dweller who'd be willing to let me crash at their flat for a few days/hang out at the festival.

I'm a fangirl, I bring snacks for everyone and have traveled internationally before while staying with fans (sometimes fans who were friends-of-friends) so can provide references for my habits as a traveler :)
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A friend and I are living in Prague for part of a summer while we take a couple of law school classes. We've planned a lot of travel, including two nights in Copenhagen at the beginning of the trip and a few days in Italy later. I'm completely comfortable getting a hotel in Venice because I know it well enough, but...

Any advice on lodging in Copenhagen would be...amazing! And of course, any suggestions on things to do, etc.
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I have a week at Easter to go travelling and I don't know whether to choose between Bosnia, Croatia or Malta. I am currently living on the north coast of Sicily so Malta is probably best logistially but I have a history or opting for post communist nations!

Are Croatia and Bosnia explorable in a week? They are obviously much bigger than Malta so does anyone have any recommendations for nice areas to visit?

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Hello! New member here :) My friend [personal profile] moem suggested that I'd post the pictures I took from my trip to Hannover here too.
A friend of my lives in Hannover. Since we're both interested in 'all things Japanese', we went to see the Hiroshima memorial (Hannover's sister city is Hiroshima) and the Japanese garden. The weather wasn't very good, but the pictures turned out nice me thinks :)

6 pictures here, plus picture-links. Enjoy! )


Oct. 3rd, 2010 04:15 pm
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i've never been to europe, but would love to go some day.

if you need to go on a budget you should check out a PBS program done by rick steves. they're up on hulu (edit: available only in the U.S.) & he has a site as well. he also has group tours, if that's what your interested in.
he covers places to see, where to stay & how to avoid crowds. he even did a 3 part travel skills special at the end of season one.

he's put out a ton of guide books & this one on how to get around europe if you have limited mobility.

note: a couple of the places he goes to in the series are closed now. like the visitors center at the waterford crystal factory, so do your research before you go.

note to the moderator: i'm not sure how many tags i should put on this since the show covers a lot of places and info. feel free to add any you think are necessary.

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Hi gang! I unfortunately don't have any trips to Europe currently planned, but I still think about where I would like to go the next time I'm able to travel. Here is my current "wish list":

UK: Cornwall (never been), Wales (need to see Aber next time), Scotland (one of my favorite countries, so I need to visit it again)

Ireland: need to see western Ireland

France: Paris (last time I was there I didn't spend nearly enough time)

Russia (never been), Norway (never been), Sweden (never been), Finland (never been) -- I know this would be an expensive trip, but worth it!

Greece: it's been ages since I've been there; time to see how it's changed or stayed the same!

Also, I have yet to delve into Eastern Europe, and I would like to do that someday. However I tend to travel alone, and I'm more hesitant about going to Eastern Europe alone. I don't expect it to be less generally safe, but there will probably be more language barriers, and more (or at least, less familiar) cultural differences.

So, there's my current "wish list"! How about you? Where do you want to go next?
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So, trying to get some action going here, I figured I'd post about my latest trip.

Earlier this month, my husband, mother, and I went for 5 days to Vienna, and on the last day we took a day-trip to Bratislava. Vienna was not my most favorite city that we have visited (read: Athens, Rome, Venice, Budapest, for winners of that category), but it was an enjoyable trip.

Read all about Vienna... )

And about Bratislava... )

So yeah, that's about it. Ask questions if ya got 'em.

And if anyone is interested, I can share a couple of my photos here. But there's 917 and I haven't gone through them yet, nor uploaded them, which will obviously take quite a bit of time, lol. But if you want to see anything in particular, let me know and I can find that and share it here. ^^
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Alrighty. Tags have been created and added. If you feel there's a tag missing, let me know, and if I agree, I'll add it. I'm pretty agreeable, and I promise I don't bite, so try me! ~_^ I won't add every single city ever mentioned, as that would just get excessive. But I'm sure there are some bigger cities out there that I'm missing, not being familiar with the countries, or other topics that I haven't thought of, etc. I'm always open to suggestions!

But for now, here is your tag list:

subject: info, subject: itinerary, subject: photos, subject: questions

accommodations: b&bs, accommodations: camping, accommodations: general/other, accommodations: hostels, accommodations: hotels

concerning: backpacking, concerning: bars/clubbing/live music, concerning: budget/how much money, concerning: cell phones, concerning: culture/communication, concerning: currency, concerning: day-trips, concerning: food/restaurants/pubs, concerning: feasibility, concerning: luggage, concerning: museums, concerning: other, concerning: passes (city/museum), concerning: safety, concerning: shopping, concerning: studying abroad/extended stay, concerning: tefl/tesol, concerning: tour groups, concerning: tourist attractions, concerning: trip planning, concerning: visas & passports, concerning: websites [for booking], concerning: websites [for info], concerning: what is it like in x, concerning: what should i do in x, concerning: where should i go (in x)

transit: buses, transit: cars/driving, transit: flying/flights/airports, transit: general/other, transit: how i get from point a to b, transit: metro/trams, transit: trains/rail passes, transit: within city x

location: abkhazia, location: albania, location: andorra, location: armenia, location: austria, location: austria (salzburg), location: austria (vienna), location: azerbaijan, location: belarus, location: belarus (minsk), location: belgium, location: belgium (antwerpen), location: belgium (brugge/bruges), location: belgium (brussels), location: bosnia & herzegovina, location: bosnia & herzegovina (sarajevo), location: bulgaria, location: bulgaria (sofia), location: croatia, location: croatia (zagreb), location: cyprus, location: cyprus (nicosia), location: czech republic, location: czech republic (prague), location: denmark, location: denmark (copenhagen), location: england, location: england (london), location: england (manchester), location: estonia, location: estonia (tallinn), location: finland, location: finland (helsinki), location: france, location: france (marseilles), location: france (paris), location: georgia, location: germany, location: germany (bavaria), location: germany (berlin), location: germany (frankfurt), location: germany (hamburg), location: germany (köln/cologne), location: germany (munich), location: germany (nürnberg/nuremberg), location: gibraltar, location: greece, location: greece (athens), location: greece (greek isles), location: hungary, location: hungary (budapest), location: iceland, location: iceland (reykjavik), location: ireland, location: ireland (dublin), location: isle of man, location: italy, location: italy (cinque terre), location: italy (firenze/florence), location: italy (milan), location: italy (napoli/naples), location: italy (rome), location: italy (tuscany), location: italy (venezia/venice), location: jersey, location: kazakhstan, location: kosovo, location: latvia, location: latvia (riga), location: liechtenstein, location: lithuania, location: lithuania (vilnius), location: luxembourg, location: macedonia, location: malta, location: moldova, location: monaco, location: montenegro, location: netherlands, location: netherlands (amsterdam), location: netherlands (den haag/the hague), location: netherlands (groningen), location: netherlands (rotterdam), location: northern cyprus, location: northern ireland, location: northern ireland (belfast), location: norway, location: norway (bergen), location: norway (oslo), location: poland, location: poland (krakow), location: poland (warsaw), location: portugal, location: portugal (lisbon), location: romania, location: romania (bucharest), location: russia, location: russia (moscow), location: russia (saint petersburg), location: san marino, location: scotland, location: scotland (edinburgh), location: serbia, location: serbia (belgrade), location: slovakia, location: slovakia (bratislava), location: slovenia, location: slovenia (ljubljana), location: south ossetia, location: spain, location: spain (barcelona), location: spain (madrid), location: spain (sevilla), location: sweden, location: sweden (stockholm), location: switzerland, location: switzerland (bern), location: switzerland (geneva), location: switzerland (zurich), location: turkey, location: turkey (ankara), location: turkey (istanbul), location: ukraine, location: ukraine (kiev), location: united kingdom, location: vatican city, location: wales, location: wales (cardiff)

It seems like a lot, but it's pretty straight-forward. You choose the subject of your post (question, info, itinerary, or photos), then you choose one/multiple items that it concerns (any combination of selections from the "accommodations," "transit," and "concerning" groups), and you pick the location(s) you're going. Don't worry, if you get confused/forget, I'll help and/or add them myself. But organized tags are a wonderful way of keeping information sorted an in easy to access manner; everyone who comes around after your post will be happy they can find that info easily! ^^

Regarding the rules
>> Keep posts on topic. This includes not asking questions of a personal nature that will only apply to you.
The point here, is that this comm isn't for classifieds, or a dating service, etc. You are welcome, and encouraged, to ask questions like "where's a good place to meet people (possibly people who speak X language/are from X country as well) and hang out," "I'm moving to X city/country, can you tell me where I should look to find a place to live/a roommate/a place to buy XYZ/etc," and so forth. Those things will help anyone who should be in that area as well. But things like "I'm bored, does anyone want to get together in city X tonight?!," or "I'm moving to city X, are any of you living there and need roommates??" etc, will not be allowed. I'm sure you can understand why the differences between those are important.
<< Please try your best not to ask broad questions. People cannot tell you what you want to see and do. Do your own research first, then come and ask specifics.
The point of this one, is as it says; people cannot tell you what things you should do. Everyone is different and has different interests. I hate Brussels, and I will tell you to avoid it like the plague. But there are people out there who think it's awesome. See why this is important? You need to do your own research. Find out what there is to see & do in the place(s) you're going, and see what sounds interesting to you. Then, come and ask people if they've been to those places, and what they thought of them, what they were like, if there's anywhere else they'd recommend, etc. If you're going to ask broader questions, at least include asking people why they would/wouldn't recommend something, because maybe their reason is the opposite of you, and you'd want to see it/not for the very same reason they feel the opposite way! I might tell you "I loved Budapest because there was so overwhelmingly much to do there, so many museums, places to go, things to see!," while you are looking for a vacation of leisure and shopping, or partying, etc. Ya know? So try to figure out some stuff first, before coming to seek out more detailed info, and make sure you include your interests, so people can give better advice. ^^

I think that's about it... any questions/comments/suggestions, please let me know! ^_^
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So where have I been lately? Well... how about Moscow and St. Petersburg?

Me in Russia

My mother took me on a trip that included both of these splendid cities. They are, as I have learned, very different.
While Moscow is very busy, mostly modern, a bustling centre of government and business, St. Petersburg is cultural, a city full of museums, theatres and palaces.
We got to spend a few days in each of them, first Moscow, then St. Petersburg, and traveled from one to the other by train.

It was a fascinating trip. I couldn't even begin to tell you what I liked best. So here are some highlights:
  • The metro stations in Moscow. Stalin built underground palaces for the benefit of the workers. Too bad, our guide said, that above ground, he built them barracks.
  • The guide herself. Marina is smart, funny and speaks great Dutch.
  • Borsjtsj. Beet soup. Good stuff, and I don't even like beets. Wodka is nice too, but I already knew that.
  • The Moscow cemetary for prominent Moscovians. Everyone has a statue or an engraved picture; everyone is a hero. Many men (hardly any women) are shown with symbols of their profession. Like pilotes' goggles, a newborn baby or a telephone.
  • The churches... painted on the inside from top to bottom. Golden domes. Lots of angels. Splendid Cyrillic lettering.
  • Being there for a few days and learning to read some of the signs.
  • Hearing five stout, short Russian men, who looked like lorry drivers, open their mouths and sing like angels.
  • Releasing six BookCrossing books, in Russian. One of them inside the Kremlin.
  • The old Socialist statues and monuments, pompous and stylized at the same time, trying their best to look glorious and intimidating.
  • A boat trip through the canals and rivers of St. Petersburg.
  • Good weather. Almost all day, almost every day. My coat was much too warm.
  • More palaces than you can shake a stick at. And we went for lunch in one of them.
  • Seeing the lunch menu mentioning a 'Spring Fantasy' salad as a starter, accompanied by a Nevsky Loaf from the palace bakery as well as [so-and-so] spring water from a 150 metre deep well... and realizing that this meant 'We will welcome you with cabbage, water and a small roll of bread'. Highly amusing (and the lunch wasn't bad after all).
  • The Hermitage. It's one of the places you must have been to. But not for too long, as it'll make you dizzy and give you a headache. One can only see so many badly-lit 17th century masterpieces a day. The rooms are competing for attention with the artefacts.

In other words: this trip was a complete trip. If you're interested in the way too many pictures that I took, go here. Don't say I didn't warn you!
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Hiya. I just wanted to first make a little introduction post. Obviously, I'm the creator/maintainer of this 'ere comm. I have long been using the various comms over on LJ, and I searched and didn't see any here, so I sought to remedy that. If you make one yourself about some other area/aspect of travel, I'd be happy to include it on the info page so we can spread the word around about all the travel-y goodness! ^__^

Anyhow. About me. I'm a female, in my late 20s, American, and enjoying my new life in Europe (and hopeful to be a Belgian citizen in a handful of years). I was bitten by the travel bug early in life, probably due to the fact that every school break my parents would take me on some vacation, whether it was to visit family in the next state, or go to a theme park in sunny Florida, we went somewhere. As a teen, I started having the dream of seeing the rest of the world, outside the US, one day. I didn't fuss over it though, as I didn't really think it would ever happen, and didn't want to be let down about that! But lo & behold, here I am, living in Europe! So, since moving, I have traveled a lot (12 countries & counting!), and will continue my explorations as time goes on. There is not really anywhere in Europe that I wouldn't like to see, and really I'd like to see most of the globe! Only time will tell how far I'll get. ~_^

I think that's probably about all the "important" stuff about me, as pertains to this comm, at least. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments, and then get posting about Europe! ^___^

Oh, "business" related notes; I will be making tags & tagging guide soon. The rules are in place on the info page, but it's pretty much your standard no-brainer stuff - don't be a dick, tag posts, ask/post relevant stuff, you all know how it goes. Suggestions are always welcome, as are questions. Don't hesitate to contact me on my own journal page with suggestions/questions/comments/anything else, too. Am I forgetting anything?? Let me know!