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Name:Euro-traveling, and all it entails!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Help & advice for those traveling through Europe.
This community is for all travel-within-Europe related posting!

If you're planning to go somewhere and have questions, if you're dreaming of going somewhere and want to discuss it,
if you've gone somewhere and want to share photos or details about the trip, etc etc, then you've come to the right place.

If you are looking for or have information about: visas, passports, customs, flights/airlines, transportation, where to visit, what to visit, where & what not to visit, etc, about places in Europe, please join, and provide info and help others with their questions!

If it's related to traveling somewhere in Europe, it belongs here! ^_^

The Rules:
>> Be respectful of everyone in the comm. No snarkiness need be applied to those seeking information. If there's a problem, come let me know. If you feel someone is being inappropriate in some way, you can let them know politely what is wrong, and again, please let me know.
<< Use tags. They're the best help anyone can have for finding information quickly. Please see the guide and follow it appropriately. Look through tags before posting, and see if your question has been asked & answered.
>> Keep posts on topic. This includes not asking questions of a personal nature that will only apply to you. For example, ask about where good places to meet people are in city X are; do not ask if anyone is in city X and would like to meet up with you tonight. If you make an appropriate post, it's all right if you ask something like that at the end.
<< Please try your best not to ask broad questions. People cannot tell you what you want to see and do. Do your own research first, then come and ask specifics.
>> Photos are always welcome, but please put only one outside a cut, and keep any photos that are outside the cut at a considerate size for reading lists.
<< The basic rule of thumb will be "3 strikes and you're out," but I reserve the right to moderate as I see fit.

Suggestions for bettering the comm are always welcome, and I encourage you to contact me, [personal profile] travelingmonkey, if you have any problems or questions.

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