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So, trying to get some action going here, I figured I'd post about my latest trip.

Earlier this month, my husband, mother, and I went for 5 days to Vienna, and on the last day we took a day-trip to Bratislava. Vienna was not my most favorite city that we have visited (read: Athens, Rome, Venice, Budapest, for winners of that category), but it was an enjoyable trip.

Read all about Vienna... )

And about Bratislava... )

So yeah, that's about it. Ask questions if ya got 'em.

And if anyone is interested, I can share a couple of my photos here. But there's 917 and I haven't gone through them yet, nor uploaded them, which will obviously take quite a bit of time, lol. But if you want to see anything in particular, let me know and I can find that and share it here. ^^